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The KERRY BLUE TERRIER ASSOCIATION was founded in 1947. The aim of the Association has always been to promote the Kerry and to encourage enthusiasts to this wonderful breed

My personal involvement with the Kerry Blue Terrier Association, some considerable time after being seduced from owning and exhibiting Airedale Terriers to Kerry Blues in the late 60’s, commenced in the very early 1980’s when I became a KBTA committee member after a stint of several years on another Kerry club committee. The KBTA committee, then as now, consisted of some very dedicated Kerry people many of whom due to personal commitments had ceased exhibiting but whose love of the breed was such that they were willing to give their valuable spare time with no return whatsoever. It has to be remembered that these people, as does our present committee, put in many hours especially at club shows often undertaking the boring kitchen tasks and considering most were not exhibitors such was and is their love of and keenness in the promotion of the breed

Alas some of these past committee members are no longer here, but the enthusiasm of the original people in setting up the KBTA such as Rosemary Wright-Ashworth, Joe Davy (the Association’s first secretary), Bert Storey, Margery Baynard and Pam Maloney, plus others; with the good work carried on by Ted and Marian Briant aided by son Robert; Bill and Jean Dale, Eoin and Jan Jones, Theresa and Jim Moreland, was unquestionable and carries on

I could not of course leave out Gill Campbell of the famous Downsview Kerries. Gill who held the position of secretary for 25 years and then treasurer for 3, sadly died after a long illness but kept true to the Kerry all her life. She was the daughter of Rosemary Wright-Ashworth nee Smith (Downsview) and therefore born into the breed. I met Rosemary a few times in the early 1970’s though at the time she had no Kerries of her own but bred and exhibited French Bulldogs.

The Association’s Open show was originally held in the Brunswick Hall at Vauxhall in London where it seems obedience was extremely popular at the time and took place during the show’s lunchbreak. For as long as I can remember the Open show has since been held during October at Holyport near Maidenhead, Berkshire, and continues to this day; also the KBTA previously guaranteed classes at Maidenhead which I recall attending several times in the early 1970’s. I think I am correct in saying it also guaranteed classes at the Brent Open show held in London and indeed I also remember attending one or two of these as an exhibitor. This event is now defunct but it was a large all breed show held in conjunction with a Fair, show jumping and livestock judging amongst many other activities – having been born nearby and living not far away I have recollections of attending this huge two-day weekend event every year as a child and spending much time with the dogs, horses (my passion at the time), rabbits, cats and all the other animals present.

Ted Briant along with Eoin Jones, was hugely responsible in obtaining Championship status for the KBTA and this was granted in 1989 with the first club Championship show taking place at Haddenham near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire; the championship shows then continued at this venue each March for many years. Due to the ever increasing trend in falling entries for all breeds at dog shows this event has in very recent years been moved to the Midlands area which makes our show far more accessible to all, including the Irish Kerry exhibitors. This move, first made in 2007, seems to have paid off and we have seen a far greater show entry for the club.

After an excellent highly successful first of its kind back-to-back show with the KBTC of England in 2007 the Association in 2008 then went back-to-back with the world acclaimed largest UK Terrier show, the National Terrier Championship show which is always held in early April at the Bingley Hall, Stafford sponsored by Nottingham Cleaning Services and the KBTA is continuing with this in 2009

Referring back to my personal KBTA involvement; with a house move I resigned as a KBTA committee member, but on moving back to the East Anglia area in 1996 I then once more joined the committee and a while later I was asked to take over as secretary, and elected at the AGM. I have been secretary since 2000 and have see the club go from strength to strength. There was a successful Breed Specific Seminar held in 2005 the first for the Association, and others will be held in the future. The club also produced its first Handbook in 2008 and it plans to produce Yearbooks in the very near future; we had our first breed stand at Crufts also in 2008 where a large variety of Kerry items were for sale and where the Handbook made its first appearance. We have also held mini agility and baby puppy classes at the Open show for approximately the last 6/7 years

The present committee are small in number but everyone of them get in and roll their sleeves up, and are not afraid of work, and have a very genuine love of, and interest in the breed and the club’s progress, with no egos or personal ambitions involved. We are lucky that some of our committee are also professional groomers and therefore along with our exhibitor members are able to pass on their vast knowledge on correct presentation of the breed, which we feel is important, particularly when one sees many of the trimming atrocities that are turned out by grooming parlours which profess to be able to trim the breed correctly but in some cases have no clue whatsoever! After all if you are the owner of a particular pedigree breed surely you would want yours to resemble its breed as much as possible as well as being recognisable to other?

All Kerry owners are invited to be involved with the KBTA and not just the show people, and we welcome suggestions on how to reach the Kerry pet owner and how you would like to become involved – there is much more to this breed than just dog showing.

I mentioned above the annual Open show held each October, from 2009 onwards it is planned to hold this as a theme day and to incorporate several events, the most exciting was the tree cutting competition organised by Notts Tree Surgeons, which was one by a team of Sheffield Arborists . The theme will be Halloween and ALL Kerry owners are invited along with their pets/show dogs where together with a Halloween fancy dress the very amusing mini agility we have been holding for approximately 5 years will also take place, plus other things. We look forward to seeing you there

Keep an eye on our website for regular updates on all future plans by the KBTA

Pat Munro – KBTA Secretary.


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